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Deciding what kind of camping you want to do, how many people you’ll be accommodating, the length of the trip, where you’ll be going, whether or not you’ll be sightseeing outside of the camp ground, types of cooking and meals are just a few of the decisions that you’ll need to make to decide on the type of RV you’ll want to rent.


This kind of camping means there are no hookups. Sometimes you can be out in the wilderness of public lands, and other times in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. Boondocking rigs have features like solar power and water pumps so they can function without electricity. They may also have composting toilets instead of black tanks so that you don’t have to search for a dump site every few days.


Do you setup camp and then stay put? Or do you like driving around exploring, or running errands? Knowing that you’ll need an extra commuter car will tell you whether to look at a travel trailer (towed by a detachable vehicle), or rig that is strong enough to tow a small vehicle behind it.


Do you like warm-weather camping, or do you camp in search of fresh snowfall and slopes? Campers, trailers, and motorhomes need to be “winterized,” in order to withstand freezing temps. They also need snow tires and an adequate heating system. For warm weather campers, you’ll want a strong AC and ventilation, and also an awning for a shady space to sit outdoors.

How often will I be camping and changing locations?

Will you be camping in one place for a while? Or moving from place to place each day? If you’re moving around often, then you’ll want something that’s easy to set up and breakdown, like a van or campervan. You’ll also want something that is comfortable in transit. A Class C motorhome would offer the comforts of a living space while on long drives. For those covering a lot of miles often, you’ll also want to think about fuel economy. Class A motorhomes and buses do not offer the best mpg economy.

What is my daily routine?

Here is what my day looks like, and how my rig complements my routine. Try this exercise with your routine to give you an idea of what features would enhance your lifestyle:

  • Wake up and make coffee and breakfast. I love cooking so a big kitchen and long countertop was a must.
  • Work from my computer until noon. A desk with ample surface space is essential to my work.
  • Take an afternoon break and watch a TV show. I enjoy rewarding myself with an entertainment treat, so a SmartTV and a lounge space to enjoy my shows was also a must.
  • Go for a bike ride. I love exploring by bicycle, so I needed a rig that could store and carry my bike at all times.
  • Run errands. Our Airstream travel trailer detaches from my F150 so that I can use this vehicle as a commuter car.
  • Cook dinner, read in bed. I have a propane stove because it allows me full cooking capabilities when boondocking.

Consider the routines of your spouse or family. What will they need on a daily basis to make them happy?

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